Club’s rules

The objects of the Club are cultivation of Polish traits, the provision of cultural, social, welfare, educational and entertainment facilities for its members and aid for the youth organizations.

The membership of the Club shall consist of three classes of members, namely, founder members and life members, social members and honorary members.

Social members and honorary members shall have the right to vote at meetings with the exception on election of life members, on changes to the Club Rules, and can be elected as officers of the Club but shall not have the right to share in the property of the Club upon its dissolution, but in all other respects shall be entitled to the full benefits and privileges of membership of the Club and to use of the Club facilities.

Every member shall notify a change of address to the Secretary in writing. All communications sent by the Secretary to the address notified by the member shall be deemed as being delivered to that member.

The management of the Club shall be entrusted to a Committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members elected at the Annual General Meeting for a period of 1 year.

The finances of the Club shall be under control of the Auditing Committee, to control the finances and, in particular, check that the Club Rules are observed and decisions of the Ordinary Annual or Extraordinary Meeting are carried out.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held each year upon a date and time to be fixed by the Committee to receive from the Committee a report, balance sheet and statement of accounts from proceeding financial year, to elect the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and the members of the Committee for the ensuing year.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to the members not less than 21 days before the date of the General Meeting. Any member desirous of making any resolution at the Annual General meeting shall give notice thereof in writing to the Secretary not less than 14 days before the date of such meeting.

No other business other than that of which notice has been given by the Secretary or any resolution validly received in writing by the Secretary under rule 19 hereof shall be brought forward at such a General Meeting.

Any member, if his conduct is found by the Committee to be harmful to the Club, will be asked to attend a meeting of the Committee to answer for his behavior and if, in the opinion of the Committee, the guilt is proved, the Committee has the right to suspend the member until the next General Meeting, when the members expulsion or otherwise will be decided by a simple majority votes.

Under no circumstances shall intoxicating liquor be supplied to or consumed on the Club premises by members, guests or other persons admitted under these rules who are under the age of 18 years.

Bar Steward has the right to refuse the purchase of intoxicating liquor to any member or members or guests who are intoxicated or cause disturbance to the detriment of good behavior or the Club’s interests.

Members and or their guests are personally held responsible for any damages caused to the Club property or the Club’s premises.