Mr. M Tomaszewski. RIP.


Mr. M Tomaszewski with his wife at The Polish Social Centre.

Mr. Marian Bronisław Tomaszewski, born 13th August 1922 in Przemyśl, Poland, a highly decorated officer of the 2nd Polish Corps and a tank commander in the 6th Armoured Regiment, taking part in the siege of Tobruk in 1941. In 1944 he was engaged in the bloody Battle of Monte Casino, directed an armoured assault on the strongpoint of Piedimonte San Germano. M Tomaszewski continued to serve in the 2nd Polish Corps until the end of the Italian Campaign in 1945. After the Second World War he spent rest of his life in exile, first in Italy and then in the United Kingdom until his death.  In the UK, he is one of the leaders of the Polish Community in Bury, serving as its Chairman for a total period of 30 years at the Polish Social Centre in Bury founded in 1961, dedicating his energy and efforts to the interests of the Polish community.  He was also active local Chairman of the SPK (Polish Veterans Association) for many years.  He died in the United Kingdom on the 5th June 2020, at the age of 97.

His funeral took place July 2020 attended by his family in Warsaw Military Cathedral and interned with full military honours on Cemetary Poawiazki, Warsaw.